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AVON Youth Restoring Line Filler

Wednesday, December 04 2013

I have noticed that I have a couple deep lines developing in my face.  I must say that I am NOT thrilled about this.  I have two vertical lines on my upper lip and two deeper lines on my forehead between my eyes.  I don't feel I am old to have these, but I do. 

I was looking through the C25 AVON brochure and noticed the AVON Youth Restoring Line Filler.  The introductory price was only $11.99 (Regular price $12.99).  I thought, why not try it!

According to AVON, it will "smooth away the look of lines instantly".  AVON Youth Restoring line filler is "formulated with Copper Complex", which "helps fill in the appearance of expression lines for younger-looking just 60 seconds.  82% of women agree that their skin looks virtually airbrushed" after use.  It targets:  frown lines, crow's feet and smile lines.

The other day I used my AVON Anew Reversalist products.  After completing my skin care, but before putting on my make-up, I patted on the line filler.  I then proceeded to apply my cosmetics. 

I noticed that my lines appeared less deep.  If you looked, you could see them, but they were certainly diminished. 

I will certainly buy another "tube" when this one is all used up!!